Oak tree Nursery accepts babies from three months old, after a managed settling-in period agreed between parents and the nursery, you can feel confident that your baby will be happy, comfortable and relaxed with us by the time you leave.  All children will have an induction period when starting to get to know the staff and familiarise with the surroundings. This will also happen when moving into the next room. This helps for a smooth transition to nursery life.

At Oak Tree Day Nursery the Child comes first. Our aim is to ensure that the children in our care are happy and content; we believe this is achieved through a daily routine that provides structure and diversity to their day. This regular consistency instills trust; the children recognise the order of events in their day and take comfort knowing their meal and sleep times.
Children aged between 3months - 2years has a daily day card that documents the activities they have been involved in and what foods they ate. For the smaller children we also record sleep times, nappy changes and liquid intake.


Routines remain flexible to accommodate a child’s varying individual needs. Sleep and meal times always reflect the needs of the child and wishes of the parent. The structure of the day will allow the children to access a variety of different activities which are indoor or out in the fresh air.

Children are grouped into four main age appropriate rooms. Within each room, our skilled members of staff will take time to bond with your child to understand their needs and help them flourish in a fun, stimulating and caring environment.

Extra Activities


We like to give our children the broadest range of experiences with the best quality providers. As well as our own programme of activities linked to EYFS, we offer extra activities too, including Drama, Music, Yoga, Football and Forrest School sessions, as well as one-off topic related sessions.

We provide weekly drama and music based classes for babies, toddlers and children up to five years old. The sessions are packed full games activities, songs and music, movement and role-play; all of which develop key skills in children, such as confidence, communication, co-operation and creative thinking.  

We work with local people and parents, and if you have a particular skill or activity to share that would benefit our children we would be interested to hear about it.

"Please note:We are not associated or affiliated with any other business or nursery with a similar name"